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Daughter of smoke and bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone  - Laini Taylor

I loved this book, especially at the end because everything tied together and finally made sense. That is one thing about this book that for some people, it might be hard, it is very high fantasy and is hard to get used to. Some of the names are odd, the connections don't always quite make sense until later, all of the world building takes some getting used too; However, Taylor does a wonderful job of the world building and creating these characters that go through all of their emotions and you become connected to them. I didn't really find any loop holes in the story, which was great, and in the end you find out that every little detail matters and is all connected. 
The story is about a girl with blue hair, speaks approximately 13 different languages (all with perfect accents of course), goes to high school like a normal teenager, has a crazy (but good crazy) ex-boyfriend, and she of course has a wonderful family. Oh wait, her family is a bunch of demons, basically. Issa, Twiga, Yasri, and Brimstone (her only father figure).These half animal, half human, or all different parts of animals, are her only family and she has grown up along side the wishmonger's (Brimstone) side since she was a baby. She, like every other teenager out there, does not know who she really is and in Karou's case, it's true. She doesn't know who she is. While falling in love with an angel, Akiva, the story tells us of how she finds out who she truly is, where she came from, and answers the question; Who is the daughter of smoke and bone? 
This book has it all, from bad assery to a love tale and from sass to a mystery novel. If you like any of these categories than this is the book for you. :) I hope you pick this book up and enjoy it as much as I did.