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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

             The story is told from one point of view with the name Lincoln. (and his mother thought that she was so creative when coming up with that name). He is in that post-college phase of his life, where he doesn't exactly know what he wants to do with the rest of his life. So, he takes this job as internet security thinking that he will be coding and setting up firewalls, when in reality he reads other people's emails that get flagged. The year is 1999, and so e-mails are a new thing, and the newspaper company decided that they do not want people using their emails personally, so they set up programs that have flags go off to whenever someone is using their personal e-mail. Lincoln, who lives with his mom (IDK why I thought that this was relevant, it just is - so deal with it), goes in around five in the evening and leaves around one in the morning reading people's e-mails. He doesn't exactly feel like it is right, but puts up with it because of the pay and it is giving him something to do while he figures everything else in his life out. Soon e-mails between Jenifer and Beth, pop up frequently as they discuss their lives and problems with each other through their personal email. The very first time that they pop up as flagged, Lincoln gives them a warning. The next time they pop up, and are talking about how they shouldn't be doing what they are doing and about getting flagged, he thinks that it would be wrong to report them because they know what they are doing is wrong. Soon, he looks forward to seeing their e-mails on his flagged list, and is basically the reason he still works for the newspaper company, even though he hates his job. Without truly realizing what he his doing, he starts to fall in love with Beth. But how could they love each other, when one knows everything already about the other?

             This book was adorable, funny, and no offense it had its little shady/creepy moments. But with a topic like "somebody falling in love with the other by reading their e-mails", how could it not. It just happens, and once you read past these parts, everything is all good again. This is the first book by Rainbow Rowell that I have read, and I enjoyed it, but didn't LOVE it. Lincoln, was sometimes hard to read about because I just wanted to slap him into shape sometimes. But he soon became an independent character that became more confident over time and started to leave self-doubt behind. I just recently watched The Amazing Spiderman, and I could not stop picturing Lincoln as Andrew Garfield, so when they talk about how large he is, I simply could not picture it. Beth was a funny character to read as was Jenifer, they were always sarcastic and it was simply fun to read their e-mails right alongside Lincoln. These characters are 28 years old, however they were still finding themselves and coming into their full potential and who they were meant to be. There were a lot of movie references and I didn't quite catch them all, but they added to the story in a neat way.


              On a percentage scale of zero to one hundred percent I would give this book about a 59%. I didn't absolutely love this book, but I did enjoy it and it made me laugh. ( also eased some of my pain after finishing Champion, which left a tiny whole in my heart. For those of you who don't know what Champion is, shame on you! But, it is the 3rd book in the Legend series by Marie Lu). Just like any other book, I wished it was just a tinyyyy bit longer. Or it had a longer epilogue. I hope you guys pick this book up, and enjoy it, wither as much as I did or perhaps even more. :D


              If you have any recommendations for other books, let me know in the comments below. :)